How is social media helping, or hurting within medical affairs?

With ChatGPT, X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, and more at our fingertips- how do we utilize social media best in medical affairs, and what are the concerns with using these tools?

Throughout the past few years, this topic has been discussed. In several conferences we’ve attended, online polls, and with speaking with our candidates or Hiring Managers. We want to have a place to summarize what we’ve learned so far, and would love to hear your feedback, or opinions on this topic.

We’ll be doing these blogs as a series. One focusing on ChatGPT, one on X, and the other on TikTok. In this first blog, we’ll be focusing on ChatGPT, and what our experience- good, bad, and ugly has been with it!


The benefits of using ChatGPT are amazing! Having quick and easy access to data, getting a resume or cover letter put together, or just using it for a simple thank you note. The possibilities are endless, and we know that there’s so much more to come for this platform in the future. To be able to search like no one has before, is amazing. To have a tool put together reports that are more detailed than anyone could imagine is mind blowing to us. At the Medical Affairs Professional Society we got to see ChatGPT used in real-time. This really showed us how this platform is universal. It can be used in essentially any area, and for personal or professional use.

Although the hype of ChatGPT is real, there are still some cons to using it, and areas of improvement, at least within medical affairs.

Starting with resume building, crafting cover letters, or thank you notes. When reviewing these documents, it’s great to see your experience perfectly detailed, but we also look for personality on those pages. Everyone is so unique, and YOU explain what YOU do best! We’re looking for those functions, activities, accomplishments, and intangibles that a computer can’t generate for you. It is easy to tell a human component is missing when something is created through ChatGPT.

If you’re feeling stuck and needing some help putting together a resume or thank you note, visit our resources page, where we have templates and examples for both!

As far as using this tool in the field, you risk issues with compliance, or sharing information that isn’t public. For quick information for a KOL, or to pull the most relevant data, this tool is awesome! We just don’t think ChatGPT is at a compliant level to be fully used in medical affairs yet. You already must be careful with what information you’re sharing with which person, or group within medical affairs. It is hard to put your full trust in this program. If you don’t have human eyes going through the specifics and details of what you’re sending out, you risk crossing a compliant or ethics line. We don’t know that medical affairs will ever get to a place where you can fully rely on ChatGPT, however, we do know it still has places to be very useful in this industry and it is ever evolving!

Like mentioned above, ChatGPT is one of many social media platforms that has made its way into medical affairs. We look forward to diving deeper into others, and welcome any questions or conversations surrounding this topic!