5 Common Themes from MAPS 2022

Conference season is back! The team at PharmaFinders was fortunate enough to attend the most recent Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) global 2022 conference in New Orleans. It was a busy couple of days jammed packed with helpful information, resources, and lots of networking.

We love attending conferences like this to absorb as much information as we can about all things Medical Affairs. Ultimately our goal as specialized Medical Affairs recruiters is to learn and pass along the trends and pharma news to our candidates and clients alike.

Here are our top 5 common themes noticed during the MAPS 2022 Conferenc

1. Artificial Intelligence and/or Digital Health

  • This topic is only going to increase for the years to come. Therefore, companies need to start thinking about investing in a digital strategy foundation.
  • Virtual reality is being incorporated for 1) patients to experience disease progression and 2) to help train MSLs during onboarding.

2. Metrics

  • Still a topic that’s top of mind for most organizations, looking for that special equation to best define, evaluate, implement, and measure both insights and metrics for their teams. 
  • Common theme was internal communication to ensure common goals so you’re not only measuring the right things but figuring out the most impactful way to demonstrate those measurements and to create true impact. 

3. Real World Evidence and Real-World Data

  • There is so much data out there that companies can pull from, so you need to know your objective when looking at data.
  • Be extremely mindful of any biases that you might carry into looking at RWE and RWD.

4. Patient-Centric Culture

  • Most companies are looking for more ways to train field employees on the science and how to handle and navigate the patient environment.
  • Are we moving from a precision medicine culture to a people-centric medicine culture?
  • Companies need to do a better job of paying more attention to the full patient journey throughout a clinical trial.

5. Sharing information is vital

  • Every company has a different viewpoint or a different style when it comes to running their Medical Affairs department. The more we share with one another, the most successful it will be getting new drugs to patients more efficiently.

Did we miss any other trends? Share your thoughts below!