PharmaFinders’ Re-Introduction:

Get to know us, what we do and why we do it!

As most do at the start of a new year, the PharmaFinders’ team sat down to reflect on how far the company has come in a little over a year. We also discussed both our personal and professional goals, what we would be leaving behind in 2021, and where we want to go in 2022. One of those goals was to remind ourselves to stick to our motto, “Where Real Meets Recruiting”. In honor of a fresh new year and our motto, let’s get real and re-introduce ourselves! 

The team at PharmaFinders truly prides ourselves on being genuine, transparent communicators and advocates for our candidates and clients alike. We always take an inclusive tailored approach to your search according to your needs, and are available as recruiters, account managers, and career counselors. 

PharmaFinders specializes in Medical Affairs recruitment and hiring. That includes both field based and in-house roles for aspiring and 10+ year candidates across the United States. Our goal is to help match people with the best companies and within the most exciting therapeutic spaces. 

Not only do we continuously read up on the evolving Medical Affairs landscape, but we pride ourselves on keeping up with trends and future projections within industry. PharmaFinders’ is an active member of both the MSL Society and the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS). We also have accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Clubhouse where we frequently upload and distribute exciting Medical Affairs content. Lastly, If you haven’t checked out out our many pharma and biotech posts on LinkedIn, you are missing out on a lot of unique topics, discussions and pharma updates. Make sure to follow the PharmaFinders’ page to keep up with all updates!

We stay extremely busy at PharmaFinders, but it wouldn’t be made possible without the fantastic trio behind it. Ashley Gulledge is the natural at building genuine relationships, while also looking for ways to give back to the team. Crecia Magee is candid and charismatic who always brings wisdom and provides a soundboard for the group. Lastly myself, who remains scientifically curious, energetic and is always thinking about the next step. 

Medical Affairs is our passion, and connecting candidates with the perfect company is our specialty.  If you are wanting to learn more about us, check out our LinkedIn and About Us Section on our website. And as always, feel free to reach out to us now to learn more about us and PharmaFinders. 

Let’s go crush 2022!

-Heather Barlow