What to Expect From PharmaFinders

We’re here to shed some light on what it’s like using a recruiter, and what our process is like

Lately we’ve had a lot of questions about the benefits of using a recruiter and what the process looks like from our side. We thought it would be great to give you an overview of why it may be a good idea to use a firm, and how PharmaFinders does things. Let’s dive right in:

Why Work with a Recruiter?

Top Resume wrote a great article on reasons to use a recruiter. This shows some broad reasons why recruiters are a good use of time, but here’s some specifics for PharmaFinders:

  • We’re free! We’re paid by the companies we partner with, so you get all of our guidance, interviewing tips, and resources. He best part is that it doesn’t cost you a thing
  • PharmaFinders is specialized in medical affairs. Our team has 10+ years of experience in this space, so we’ve seen a lot and have some great connections
  • There’s no risk to you. It’s worth using a recruiter to see what other options are out there, and you’re not bound by anything

You can learn more about working with PharmaFinders specifically here

How Do Recruiters Work with Companies?

There’s a few different ways recruiters get to work with a company:

  • A company is actively looking for a recruiter, so they contact us directly
  • There is a specific company that we’re interested in working with, so we connect with them about their openings
  • Someone we hired as an MSL has become a Hiring Manager and would like to use our service for their own team
  • We are referred to a Hiring Manager/HR or vice versa and we connect to discuss their company and/or positions

What Is the Process When I’m Interested in an Opening?

Once someone from PharmaFinders has approached you about a job and you’re interested, here’s what’s next:

  • We will get a copy of your resume and go over that with you live. We want to make sure that we’re getting all the details/specifics to best present you to our company
  • Once that’s complete, we send your resume over to the Hiring Manager/HR and send a write-up along with that (essentially a cover letter written by the recruiter). This is sent to showcase the things that may not be listed on your resume (communication style, personality, drive, motivation, etc.), and to highlight specific experience
  • After getting that information sent over to the company, the hiring authorities will decide if they’d like to move forward on your candidacy or not

What’s the Process Throughout Interviewing?

At PharmaFinders, we’re detailed in our process and want to make interviewing as easy as possible for you. Here’s where we can help:

  • Once you’re set up for an interview, we will give you detailed information on how to best prepare and what to expect in the process
  • We’re here to help with every step of the way- that includes interview preparation, salary negotiations, and helping with your resignation
  • You will be in contact with either myself, Crecia, or Heather throughout, and we’ll be there to answer any questions or tackle any obstacles that may arise

Who Will Be Giving Me Feedback?

Every company is different with how much feedback they give, and who gets to share that feedback. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

  • Some companies are very candid with positive and negative feedback. We believe that everyone should be told what they’re doing well on, and what could use some work. PharmaFinders believes in sharing the good, bad, and ugly because it can always be used as a learning opportunity. Most of the time companies will share that feedback with us, and we will make sure to relay that info to you
  • Other companies may not be as forthcoming with information. We try our best to partner with companies that are open, candid, and give us detailed feedback, but that’s not always the case. Our recommendation when that happens is to send the company a thank you note and see if they provide any detailed feedback directly. If you need any help on getting a note drafted, you can visit our resources page where we have a Guide to Thank You Notes
  • Most of the time, PharmaFinders is responsible for sharing that you’re moving forward in the process or not. With some companies we work with, the Hiring Manager, or HR will follow-up with you directly after we have shared the feedback to go over any further questions you might have

We know that using a recruiter is new and foreign territory for some, so I hope this helped shed some light on what to expect when using our service.

If there are any other unanswered questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below, or send myself or the team a private message. We’d love to be a resource for you!