Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Employee Health and Fitness Month

With May being a huge month for health and wellness, PharmaFinders thought it would be a good idea to check in with our community on their mental and physical health!

We’re also about to reach the middle of the year (Can you believe it?!), and this is a great time to do some self-reflection and set yourself up for a successful Q3 and Q4. The middle of the year is always a great time to reset! By now a lot of us may have fallen off of our New Year’s resolutions and I can tell you first-hand, that can be discouraging. I look at June as a new beginning, a second chance at accomplishing your goals and getting back on track.

As always, we love to be a resource for you and that’s not just with recruiting. Here are a few things to look into if you’re wanting to join PharmaFinders in making the best of the remainder of 2021:

With your physical health, if you’re looking for some accountability from your PharmaFinders family, join us on Peloton. Heather, Crecia, and I love having a community to workout with, and we’d love for you to be included. You can keep up with us on the leaderboard with #PedalToTheMedAffairs, LET’S RIDE!! If you don’t have a peloton, there’s still tons you can do. A personal favorite of mine are dance workouts on PopSugar. Now, I won’t be doing this choreography around anyone – LOL, but it’s a great work out, and a fun way to get moving.

If you’re more focused on your mental health and would like to speak with someone but aren’t sure how, or where to get started, Psychology Today is a great resource. On this site you can filter by your location, what insurance they accept, what areas of mental health you’d like to cover, and more. Each person has a bio where you can make sure their intentions align with what you’re looking for. Sometimes being healthy is more mental than physical (getting enough sleep, staying motivated/focused, and believing in yourself), so we have to make sure we’re covering both to be the best version of ourselves.

We can’t forget about our specific medical affairs family either! With MSL travel picking back up, we also want to share a few tips to remember while out in the field. MSL Talk, a podcast with Tom Caravela had a great guest, Maria Urso, PhD, who spoke about her Top 10 Tips for Field Survival. This is a great resource for anyone who needs to assess their lifestyle while on the road. We know at times it can be hard to keep yourself accountable with eating healthy and working out while away from home. This podcast is full of great reminders!

PharmaFinders wants to encourage you to take the next steps in advancing your overall health, and we look forward to working alongside you!

As always, we’d love to hear from you! What are some ways you’re keeping up with your physical and mental health? Any cool workouts you think PharmaFinders should check out?