If you haven’t noticed by now, we are all about human rights and equality here. HUMAN rights, which is what every person we work with is at their core, HUMAN. That’s the reason we feel the need to use our small corner of the internet to stand up for injustice, in all its forms. Although we’re all women at PharmaFinders, we’re all white women and have had the luxury of our skin color not being the reason we have experienced hate or prejudice. I hate that in a modern, “civilized” society we still must keep having these conversations, but here we are. It is 2021 and racism and discrimination are all still very real and very prevalent and it’s our duty as citizens of this planet to do better for our fellow humans. The very least we can do is use this platform to try and share resources, educate, and continuously learn and de-program ourselves.  

I write this post to share a few enlightening resources and highlight a few awesome APPI creators in this space but also to make sure there is no question about where we stand. I love my job because I get to work with a remarkably diverse and amazing group of people. I am constantly learning and growing because of you. I am so sorry that these awful things are happening in the world and that you’ve ever been made to feel less-than. It is not right and it cannot continue.  

Recently, there was a training that was offered by Hollaback! and they did an awesome job with offering real-world examples of ways you can be more impactful when you see hateful/racist things taking place. Early in the session they polled the audience (over 1200 people) to ask why they don’t often engage when they see something happening and one of the top responses was not knowing what to say or do. I do not want to let racism and discrimination persist because I was quiet and afraid of saying the wrong thing. I am SURE to mess up, but people have been silent on these topics for far too long and look where it has gotten us. 

Fortunately, there are so many eloquent and thoughtful creators who are willing to share information and resources freely in hopes that with education, eradication of hate can happen for these discriminated groups.  

Here are a just few resources we wanted to share: 

Hollaback! Bystander Resources 

Stop AAPI Hate 


As always, PLEASE share any resources you feel we could benefit from, or if there have been things you’ve found helpful. We are always seeking out additional ways to learn, but love to hear from you too! 

Much love to you all,