Conversations For Change

PharmaFinders is Celebrating Change this Black History Month

This past year has been a huge year of reflection for a lot of people. A year of reflection that should’ve come years sooner, without there having to be so many lives lost, protests, and movements to create the need for change in the Black Community.

Black History Month feels much different this year. There’s even more pain and more heartache, but more change as well, and a small glimmer of hope for the future. To start Black History Month on a high note, PharmaFinders attended a virtual webinar, How to Address Unconscious Bias at Work, with the goal to better improve inclusion for all. This was an insightful discussion by Stacey Gordon, MBA, where she touched on diversity, inclusion, and workplace culture. Like we mentioned before, our goal at PharmaFinders is to learn, and un-learn what is necessary to be more of an ally for this community, and we believe we have to be educated and understand the past in order to understand what we need to do better in the future.

Another big step in the direction of change for us is making sure the children of color have what they need to achieve their dreams, and that starts with fair education. As a result, PharmaFinders has decided to make a donation and support Project Scientist and their mission to provide under-resourced girls and girls of color access to quality STEM education and role models. “When they see it, they can be it, but far too many talented girls have never met a STEM professional that looks like them and have never been identified as potential STEM Superstars”

Although this is a start, making a donation is a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done for real change, and that’s where we come to you! PharmaFinders would like to open the conversation to what you need, and what resources we should be made aware of to be more educated. The goal is to be on the right side of change!

We will always do our best to be on the frontline of fighting for justice! What are some experiences, insights, or resources you can share to continue these #ConversationsForChange?