What’s New in Gene Therapy? Sit Tight, We’ll Let You Know

PharmaFinders to sponsor the first Gene Therapy Medical Affairs Summit.

As recruiters specialized in field medical affairs, we are constantly talking to candidates about what their dream position looks like and in what therapeutic space. More than 50% of the time, our candidates are telling us to keep a pulse on the gene therapy front. But what does that exactly mean and how are medical affairs teams going to help drive gene therapy forward?

Our team at PharmaFinders is truly invested in the therapeutic areas that our MSLs work in and go above and beyond to keep up with what’s new in the pharma and biotech world. We want to help not only define but shape what it takes to work in such an innovate space within Medical Affairs. To help us achieve that, we are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring and presenting at the Inaugural Gene Therapy Medical Affairs Summit February 9-11, 2021.

This summit will be uniting medical affairs, medical science, market access and HEOR professionals to help share cutting-edge research, learn from peers and engage in quality networking within gene therapy. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, amplifying medical affairs effectiveness through internal and external partnerships, making or breaking a successful launch and medical science education and learning.

The best part? There’s still time for you to join us, alongside members from Novartis Gene Therapy, Pfizer, Orchard Therapeutics, BlueBird Bio, Neurocrine, Ultragenyx and more. To sign up, click on the photo below, or go to www.genetherapy-medical-affairs.com and save 20% with our code (21712SPN).

If you can’t make it virtually to the conference, keep up with us on Twitter at @PharmaFinders. We will be live tweeting throughout the conference and keeping you updated on tips, industry revelations and interesting facts throughout the week.

Do you have any topics or questions you are most interested to learn about during the Gene Therapy Medical Affairs Summit? Let us know!