New Year, New Beginnings: The January 2021 MSL Peloton Challenge

Wow! What a year we all just went through. Take a moment and let this sink in: 2020 is officially in our rear view mirror! Celebrate and acknowledge the stronger person you are because of it and now, let’s jump into the opportunity to set new goals and forge new beginnings.

However, is setting “New Year Resolutions” always as fun as people make them out to be? The realists in us at PharmaFinders says “Heck No!”, but it’s a new year. We want to help you create an MSL January community challenge, but take on a fun, light-hearted spin to it.

Our company has found immense value in taking care of ourselves both personally and professionally as well as mentally and physically. Some of that is easier said than done, and for us the physical aspect always needs some extra help. PharmaFinder’s bond was created over the need of an accountability partner as it pertained to exercise. For years we were avid studio workout partners. We tried anything from spin to yoga and even indoor surfing.

Workout surft class

Like many things, 2020 caused us to get creative and find new ways to work out together, which is where Peloton comes into play.  Riding the bike or getting on the mat in child’s pose has helped us relieve stress. As recruiters specialized in field medical, we know a lot can be changing professionally. Whether you are waiting for an FDA response, team expansions, or bonus time – it can be a lot!

To help manage the changes to come, we want to invite the MSL community to join us keep each other accountable and healthy for 2021! If you have a Peloton or are on the app, make sure to add the hashtag #PedalToTheMedAffairs and join us in crushing January – Meet us on the leaderboard!

If the Peloton isn’t your thing, what challenge are you taking on for January?