An Update and (re)Introduction!

Howdy Friends (both old and new),

To start, let’s address the elephant in the room: As some of you might know, I had taken a step back from my former position to focus a bit on a couple of personal/family things and re-evaluate the direction I was going in my career. I apologize for the radio silence and absolutely appreciate those of you who reached out to check in, it really meant a lot. (Also, to clarify- my family and I are FINE, so no need for alarm there!)

During my brief break I have been able to truly think about what I want to achieve and what balance means for me. I was highly encouraged by family, friends, and colleagues to continue working in the space I have been devoted to for the better part of the last decade. My passion is embedded in helping people, I am a fixer and a problem solver- that’s been part of my identity since I was a small child as the oldest of 5 kids. Life isn’t complete for me if I am not in a place of functionality and purpose, so it only makes sense for me to stay on this path as an advocate for both candidates and clients alike.  I have always enjoyed the fulfillment that comes along with recruiting and genuinely helping people find an ideal fit. Career changes and hiring are hefty decisions and I thrive on helping make those things easier.

I have appreciated the opportunity to truly get to know so many people with this profession and the relationships that I’ve established mean so much to me.

I am excited about this new chapter with PharmaFinders and look forward to reconnecting with you all to be a resource for your career needs.

Please, explore the website ( and let me know if there are resources you would like to see. I am working on developing more content and will be updating the website ASAP.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or just want to chat- you know where to find me! I hope to hear from you soon.

Warmest regards,

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